Bulova Accutron Astronaut GMT M7 vintage watch


In May 1963 during the Mercury 7 mission Gordon Cooper took his Bulova Accutron GMT into the space. Watch soon got the additional Astronaut mark. Cooper took the same watch into the space in August 1965 on Gemini V mission. Later also Gus Grissom and John Young wore Accutron on Gemini III mission in March 1965 and even Norman Thagard in 1983 in the Challenger Space Shuttle.

Watch is also tehnically interesting since it uses tuning fork powered by the battery cell instead of hairspring and it is by this a predecessor of quartz watches.

Watch is in very good cosmetic condition. M7 version indicates, that is is from cca. 1967.

Diameter of the watch is 38mm. Original bracelet is full sized, it will fit to a wrist size above 20cm.

Comes in an original box!

I have just put a new battery in the watch and watch runs much TOO FAST. The problem might be in the voltage of the battery (modern batteries have higher voltage than in sixties) or a service is needed. So watch is sold AS NON WORKING item.

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