CHCHZ (Vostok) Type I "Saucepan" WWII military watch from 1939 VERY RARE


For sale is this vintage example of CHCHZ (Vostok)Type I watch. Due to it's specific shape of the case, this type of watch is also known as a "sauce pan" watch. 

Watch has a Type I movement, which was soviet first watch movement. But this one was already produced by CHCHZ (latter known as Vostok) company. 

Those type of watches were most common watches of the soviet army during the WWII.

Watch has fixed lugs, military type leather strap is attached. As a whole watch also the strap shows serious signs of use what gives the watch very unique vintage old fashioned look.  

Diameter of the watch is 42mm. It runs very good and is surprisingly accurate.

Very rare finding!