Buran 31777 Sinn modification of 3133 Poljot manual mechanical chronograph


For sale is this really rare finding. Only 80 ever made!! Beautiful Buran watch in great condition. Hardly ever worn.

Buran was at the time when this watch was made one of the Volmax three brands (Volmax was one of the Poljot successors). 

Watch is VERY special due to the movement inside. Base is standard Poljot 3133 chronograph, but famous German watchmaker and owner of the brand Sinn took 100 movements and installed bunch of additional complications such as Day, month, moonphase, date was removed to the pointer. 

Those 100 movements were installed in 80 watches of which one is here for sale and 20 watches with a bit of a different design.

The changed movement would have been classified as 61777 in ex. USSR classification.
Watch works perfectly, a revision was just made by a professional watchmaker before put on listing. Backplate sealing was replaced.
Diameter of the watch is 43mm without pushers, but due to the pushers on the left and right side of the watch it looks bigger.
Real deal for watch collectors, unique opportunity to get a very specific and unique watch with interesting horology mix of USSR, russian and German touch.  

P.S.: All possible dots, scratches, etc. seen on the pictures are just dust. Watch is in new condition.

With box, no papers. On the original leather brown strap.