Welcome to my webpage, where I present all my watches. They are split into four collections and each collection has its own story. Some watches are available for sale, you can check the FOR SALE section. In fact, almost all watches from the collection 'Russian and other watches' are available for sale, so feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying any of the watches presented, even though  they are not in the FOR SALE section. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions about my watches.

Besides that, I am interested in buying watches, primarily alarm wrist watches. If you have any interesting alarm watch to sell, feel free to contact me. List of all watches that I am interested in are listed in the WANTED section.

I have also collected, translated  and published all of my reviews, articles etc. which were published in watch forums. I will try to be active here and publish new ones, so please check this section...

On top of that, I share and present books about watches which I have read and which have helped me in building my watch collection. 

I don't claim that all information about my watches or the history behind them is 100% correct. I did try my best to collect the most relevant information, however I can't guarantee everything is accurate. If you find something that is proven wrong, please contact me so I can correct it. I will appreciate all your help.


My contact is info@cinciwatches.comI will be glad to answer all your questions.