Konstantin Chaykin

About 15 years ago a young inventor in St. Petersburg Konstantin Chaykin began repairing and restoring clocks and watches, and mastered the intricacies of creating watch movements.Soon he began to implement his own ideas in creating a new and unique movements and watches.

Today Konstantin Chaykin runs his own manufacture and has registered over 70 patents for his innovative movements and inventions in general mechanics. He is famous for the complex movements he has developed, especially for his astronomical clock ‘Resurrection’ with Easter calendar and Lunokhod watch.

His manufactory is the the only russian manufactory that is represented at the main international watch exhibition Baselworld, Switzerland, and its founder Konstantin Chaykin is the first citizen of Russia, who became a member of the International Academy of Independent Watchmakers (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants) in 2010. Konstantin Chaykin was the head of the Academy, having been its president from 2016 to 2019.

His watches are settled in the highest price ranges however Chaykin participated also in the development of one low priced watch under the brand Putnik. It is a watch which is powered by Ronda quartz 515.24D movement and on the dial shows simultanoeusly time in all Russian time zones (that presentation is again one of the Chaykin's patent first used in Chaykin Traveler watch).