Tsar period

Watches from Tsar Russia were never in my focus since one need to focus on pocket watches in order to analyse that period and region of watch history. But my primarly focus has always been wrist watches. So from the Tsar Russia I have just three examples of watches from that period. If you want to know more about that topic, I can suggest a book presented in the "Books" section where I show one very interesting book about watches and history of the watches from that period.

My first watch is a H.Moser pocket watch from late 1890's. H.Moser moved to Russia from Swiss at the end of the 19th century and soon became one of the most important watch producers in Russia. My pocket watch is transformed to wrist watch and due to it's size (48mm) it's quite suitable for such a transformation from today's standards...


Even more important was Russian watchmaker Paul Bure, who got the official nomination "Watchmaker of his majesty's court".  Again I have one pocket watch from the beginning of the 20'th century. This watch is also changed to wrist watch but it is too big to be worn on the wrist (58mm). 

How important P. Bure was shows also the next watch - pocket watch Burja. Watch itself has no real value, it is of poor quality but it shows that even at that time "fakes" or "heritage" watches were present. With it's name and font it clearly shows that basic idea was to be similar to P. Bure.