Luč - Časovoj zavod Minsk - was established in 1953 in Minsk (Belarus) and was the only watch company from the USSR which was not located in Russia. The company was established as an supporting watch company responsible for further production of Poljot 2209 (vympel) movement. Later Luč was also fully involved in the production of lady's watches. Beside Luč also Zarja trademark was used for it's watches and company also produced watches for the Sekonda trademark. In 1980's Luč produced also men's wristwatches, basically those watches were copies of Poljot de Luxe models with already mentioned 2209 movement.

After Belarus became independent state, Luč hardly survived. In 2010 company was privatised, after that company is again starting production of watches also with it's own movement production. At the moment no development of the new movements can be seen, just modernisation of the watches but still using old movements developed far back in the USSR.


Men's watches from USSR period

Lady's watches from the USSR period

Men's watches Belarus period

Lady's watches Belarus period