In 1994 Fortis launched first watch which had label "Official cosmonauts". That label was "earned" by official certificate issued by Jurij Gagarin space center "Cent Podgotovkov Kosmonautov im. Jurij Gagarin" - CPK. With this certificate CPK confirmed that Fortis watch passed all tests and it is certified for space flights. First certified Fortis was chronograph with Lemania 5100.

Soon Lemania 5100 was replaced by ETA 7750 movement. Diameters of the watches were step by step increased, from 38mm to 40mm and finally to 42mm. I don't have model with 7750 movement, I have only non-chronograph model with ETA 2892 movement (same as 7750 but without chronograph part). This watch has beside CPK also Roscosmos stamp, as I know, Roscosmos officialy identified Fortis as official Roscosmos watch provider in 2001.

As shown already in the Alarm collection, Fortis received also an order to develop an alarm chronograph. Story about alarm chronograph is revealed in the Alarm section so here again just picture of alarm chronograph watch is shown.

After 2005 it became wery unclear if Fortis is still official supplier for the Roscosmos, official renewal of the contract did not happen. A lot of other watches were for sure used after 2006 on the Russian space travels, most common was Omega X33 from NASA program. The fact is that after Fortis no other company was officialy recognised as Roscosmos partner. But (the new) Fortis even today claims that Fortis is an official supplier of Russian space program for more than 25 years. What is true remains unknown to me.