Watches from Tsar to modern Russia

In this section you can see what has remained from my first watch collection. I started building this collection twenty years ago, but abandoned it some five years ago. A lot of best examples were sold to my good friend who collects only the iconic watches from the USSR period. So what still remained in my collection is in most cases of no particular collectionar's value. That is not true for watches which are also part of my other collections (alarms, space watches).

For that reason I will also not go into much details about the watches as I am doing in other collections. I do give a short histroy background of each watch company and then pictures of my waches. Watch companies are listed based on their historic development, so if the company is still active and was established in the USSR period, it is in different category than the company which was newly established in the "new" Russia .

Part of the collection represent also watches of those companes which are not Russian but their history is tightly connected to the USSR watch history. Those companes are all listed in the "USSR Legacy" section.