Vernij hod

In 2004, Verny Hod, in cooperation with cosmonaut Vladimir Janibekov (or Dzanibekov), developed a very interesting space watch "Kosmonavigator" with 24h movement Vostok 2423, where a 24-h dial helps a cosmonaut to calculate where above the Earth the space vehicle is located. The watch was issued in limited edition of 350 pieces.  A very interesting article about that watch can be found here:

To be quite honest, I don't believe cosmonauts actually used this watch. I believe that the watch was taken into space by two cosmonauts solely for the marketing purposes and to do their fellow Janibekov a favor. Vostok 2423 movement is from the 24xx family, a poor quality movement even for the russian/soviet standards, and is far from being the right choice for the serious space purposes. However, the exact watch, shown in the article, was sold on an auction for 32.000 USD. The winner of the auction and now the owner of that watch is shown in the article.

The stated article also mentions a reissue watch. However, the statement about the unknown origin of "Kosmonavigator II"  at the end of the article is incorrect. Kosmonavigator II is issued by the same company "Verny Hod" as the original version. It is also not true that the reissue does not have a 24h dial. In fact, the dial is really just 12h, but it has a 24h hand as well, so this 24h hand replaces the 24h dial. It uses Miyota 6M17 quartz movement with three hand - so with 24h and date complications. So, instead of the hour hand, 24h hand shows the position of the space vehicle on the bezel. What is also important is that the reissue does not have any Roscosmos stamps anywhere, while original version had it.

I don't have the original Kosmonavigator, but I have the reissue with Miyota OS20 quartz movement.

The next watch in this collection is another watch from Vernij Hod company within Specnaz brand - Kosmonaut. All about this watch can be read in my article about this watch (section My articles and reviews).