Even though Nasa astronauts received Omega Moonwatches for their flights those watches were owned by Nasa and not by astronauts. So it was not so unusual that some astronauts wore not just Omega but also their private watch on the space flight. Some astronauts revealed that information quite late.


First example is watch owned by astronaut David Scott, commander of the Apollo 15 crew. He has worn his Bulova chronograph watch in his moonwalk on 2.8.1971. When this information was revealed, Bulova issued a reiisue of "Bulova moonwatch", powered by Bulova quartz 262kHz movement. I owed that watch but decided to sell it when Bulova issued in 2021 50th anniversary edition and I replaced standard edition with this special edition.

On the last Apollo mission -  Apollo 17 - on 19.12.1972, Ronald Evans took his Rolex GMT master. I don't have any Rolex GMT master in my collection.

Automatic chronograph space travellers:

Since Omega moonwatch is hand winded chronograph at first it was believed that Fortis cosmonauts had been the first automatic chronograph in space worn by the Russian kosmonauts. But an interesting new candidate appeared. That new candidate was Sinn 140/142 that was worn by German astronaut Dr. Reinhart Alfred Furrer, who participated in a SpaceLab mission on 30.8.1985, sponsored by the Germany. That Sinn was again his private watch and the details about the watch can only be identified from the picture of Dr. Furrer in the mission. Watch is a bit strange since his watch has two totalizers but Sinn 140/142 is powered by Lemania 5100 movement, which has three. So it is possible that his Sinn is either the model powered by Lemania 5040 or modified Lemania 5100 which uses just two totalizers.

Sinn company of course at once grabbed this opportunity and developed a Sinn 140/142 watches where link to the space watch was emphasized:

But - that was not the end of the automatic chronograph in space story. In around 2005 William Pogue revealed that he has used his Seiko chronograph, ref: 6139-6002 in his SkyLab4 mission in 1973, but he has not used his Seiko in his EVA. He had bought his Seiko in 1969 and used it during his training program. Since he has received his Moonwatch very late, he did not trust Moonwatch so instead he rather used his trusted Seiko. 

Pouge Seiko has yellow dial and from that reveleation on this Seiko has coloquial name Seiko Pogue.