CNSA (China national space agency)

China entered into the space projects in the mid nineties and on 15.10.2003 China sent their first man into space (Shenzou 5 mission) and two missions latter on 25.9.2008 first space walk was performed. For this occasion Chinese watch company Fiyta developed special watch ordered by CNSA which was issued in limited editon of 54 watches. Watch was very big (53mm) automatic chronograph. They made also 600 comemorative watches which were just smaller versions of the original space watches.

Until now Shenzou 11 was the last mission and almost all missions also generated new comemorative waches. One of those watches is Fiyta Shenzou 10, which is part of my collection. This watch is still full "copy" of the original space watch, the only visual difference is the number 10 on the left totalizer and additonal date complication (first watches had just AM/PM complication). Please note the interesting choice of the minute totalizer (one round has 45 minutes).