Moscow Classic

Moscow Classic is (was??) a Polish company, founded by Darek Sawitcki in 2002. He used to be responsible for the distribution of the Poljot watches in Europe and when Poljot collapsed, he started his own business.

Moscow Classic was producing and selling relatively low priced watches powered by different russian movements. Vostok, Molnija, Maktajm, Poljot movements all mixed in different models. My guess is that MC in fact did not produce it's watches but they were produced in Russia or China, It is interesting that there is no "made in ..." sign on any of MC watches.

MC was very active for some 15 years, it also had it's own web shop. But MC offer almost diminished from the market, web shop does not exist anymore. It is quite possible that company is closed. But that is just my guess based on the current market situation.

I have two of it's watches. First one is Zvezda P-2 diver watch with Vostok automatic movement 2416 and the second one is Aeronavigator alarm, which was already shown in alam/Poljot collection: