ČČZ - Čistopoljskij časovoj zavod - was established during the WW2 when 2MČZ moved from Moscow to Čistopolj. After 2MČZ has returned to Moscow, watch production in Čistopolj continued as independent watch company. ČČZ has become one of the most important USSR watch companies that was later known under the name Vostok.

From 1943 ČČZ produced Type1  watches called K-43 for USSR military purposes. After the war a lot of different brands/models were introduced: Albatros, Amfibija, Almaz, Buran, Cornavin, Cosmos, Generalskie, Kama, Kolos, Komandirskie, Mir, Pobeda, Volna, Vostok precision, Sekonda, Saturn, Sputnik, Svet, Uran, Vostok to name just the most standard ones.

In 1965 Ministry of defence choose ČČZ as an official supplier of the watches for the Soviet military, from that moment, "Zakaz MO CCCP" sign can be found on it's watches.

In 1969 all their watches took the Vostok brand, company was renamed to Čistopoljskij časovoj zavod Vostok, ČČZ hallmark was  from that moment not used anymore. It is important to point out that ČČZ hallmark was a triangle shaped (middle Č was raised) in order to distinguish between Čelajbinsk watch factory (ČČZ in straight line) and Čistopoljskij wach factory!

Vostok factory was one of the few watch factories which survived from the beginning until today. They of course had some critical time periods when company was close to an end, but it survived all crises and is fully active even today. Sadly the development of the new models is sporadic and rare, their main products and product lines are still the same as in 1980's (Komandirskie and Amfibija). Some progress is seen only in last five years but only in design and not in the new movements.


ČČZ watches


Two very important watches are Volna and Vostok precizion with 2809 movement. Namely, that movement was the first soviet made movement with received cronometer certificate. In fact 2809 is Zenith 135 movement, that is why the "original" 2802 movement with the small second had to be removed from the production at once. 2809 movement achieved swiss standard at that time and is by it's quality one of the best soviet movements from that period. 

My Vostok precizion is unfortunately partly franken watch. Case is not original, dial is from the first generation, movement is from the second generation.

Interesting is also watch Kirovske (first picture upper row in the middle). Watch has all caracteristic of Almaz watch, strange is the Kirovskie sign which should not be present on ČČZ watches but only on 1MČZ watches. So it is possible that this watch was made for 1MČZ. My first guess was that this is again some franken watch but then I found some other watches with same construction and on all it is quite clear that Kirovskie sign was not applied additionaly.


Vostok watches from USSR 


This two watches are very interesting since both watches use standard Poljot movements. First is chronograph with Poljot 3133 movement, the second is alarm watch with Poljot 2612.1 movement. It was not common for Vostok to use other brands movements in it's watches.

Vostok also produced pocket watches but that was not it's primarly focus. I have one of their pocket watch.

Vostok watches Russia