Trade house Slava

TH Slava is company which officialy took over the brand Slava and is now the only legal owner of Slava brand rights for watches, parts and movements. Production of the TH Slava watches is situated in ex. Čajka watch factory in Uglič. 

I have one TH Slava watch with Slava brand and Slava movement 2427 - reissue of Slava Televizor (Slava Tank).

Within my articles you can find a comparisson of original and reissue watches.

TH Slava is also an exclusive distributor for several other brands such as Alfa, Derzhava, GrandTime, Petroff and Specnaz. Derzhava, Petroff and Specnaz are owned by company Vernij hod. I have only one of all stated brands, that is Specnaz watch which is presended in the Vernij hod section.