Special watches

I have in my collection also two watches, which were integrated in the military vechiles and airplanes. I am not sure which company produced those two watches but most probably watches were produced either by ČČZ(Molnija) or ZČZ.

First  one is 127-ČS which was integrated into the land military vechiles (trucks, tanks). It is interesting that watch can be winded only by the special key through the hole at the front side of the watch (as wall clocks or some old pocket watches). The reason is of course the fact, that only the front of the watch was visible, the rest was hidden by the vechile's cabin.

The next watch is five days chronograph AČH which was part of the MIG fighters cockpit. The last MIG that used this kind of watch was MIG-29. Watch is powered by the movement which is a copy of Laeger Le Coultre 310-5321 movement. Older models had eight days power reserve, newer five days (even though they were equiped with stronger spring).