Poljot/ 1MČZ

In 1959 company 1MČZ developed it's alarm movement based on AS1475. Movement is almost identical to original AS1475, it has 18 jewels instead of 17 jewels in AS1475, also the alarm on/off function at the upper crown is oposite to standard AS1475 (but identical to the first versions of AS1475). First model of alarm watch was called Signal. Movement has a breguet balance wheel and fixed stud carrier. Very first Signal watches also had resonating backplate, that was used only for a short time. First model of the movement and watch was this one:  

This movement is known by it's code 2612, but in fact this code was given only at the late sixties since USSR introduced official code markings of their movements at that time. By the time code markings were introduced, Poljot already issued a new version of the movement, that movement received code 2612.1 and only after that moment code was also stamped on the movement. So original 2612 movements are not stamped with the 2612 code, but they are stamped with the serial number. 

Another watch with an old movement in my collection is next one. This is in fact a strange combination since the watch itself belongs to a much latter period than the movement itself. So either Poljot used old stock of the movements or watch was repaired later with an old movement.

In 1964 1MČZ also changed it's hallmark shape. Instead of rhombus one pentagon was introduced. The watch with 2612 model and pentagon shaped hallmark is this watch:

In 1964 1MČZ also changed it's hallmark shape. instead of rhombus one pentagon was introduced. The watch with 2612 model and pentagon shaped hallmark is this watch:

As for the previous one also for this watch it should be notified that movement and watch itself do not belong to the same period. One would expect this watch to have already 2612.1 movement. I can only guess how this combination was put together.

As said before, after the clasification the next version of the movement is 2612.1. Stamp 2612.1 and SU are added to the movement, everything is written in English (before that in Russian). First movements after those changes still have serial number. Next watch has this model of the movement.

Very soon 2612.1 lost serial number. Breguet balance wheel is changed to flat one, stud barier is changed. This version of the movement is in those two watches:

In 1992 when SU was splited to several independent countries, nothing important happened in the development of this movement. Only the SU on the backplate was removed and of course "Made in USSR" was replaced by "Made in Russia" in the dial of the watch. Example can be seen on this watch:

Poljot was closed in 2002 and production of the 2612.1 was finished forever. A lot of brands bought old stocks of the movements, refurbished old movements etc. and continued with the production of the alarm watches with 2612.1 movements. So even in the new watches old kind of 2612.1 movements can be found. I have for example a new Strela watch which was issued in 2018, but has a movement with SU stamp on the bridge:

The best example is Alexander Shorokoff Tchaikovsky watch (and also another model called Glockner), where old 2612.1 was totaly reassembled, gilded, improved (hammer does not strike on a pin but on a backcase and by this small inovation case can be waterproof sealed - only in Tschaikovsky, Glocker has a standard pin).

Other watches in my collection are watches of a different brands.

Instruction manual:

Operating instructions are identical to AS1475, so check manual for A.Schild manual winding waches. The ONLY difference is that alarm in 2612 rings if upper crown is in position 0 and is deactivated in position 1, so oposite to AS1475.