Buran line was from the beginning the line of luxury watches. So it was quite natural, that Buran company was very quickly moved to Switzerland and Buran became a Swiss company, using swiss movements (ETA) in it's watches and with "Swiss made" sign.

I have only watches which are still from the Volmax/Russian period. First one is an interesting chronograph with 31679 movement. The second one is very rare and special watch. It is again a chronograph based on 3133 movement. But - for this watch Helmut Sinn (well known German watch inovator, owner of Sinn company) upgraded 31679 movement with additonal complications day of the week, month and a year. This movement got the 61777 mark. Watch with all this complications has a Valjoux 7754 look. As I know only 100 watches with this movement were ever issued. The last one is traditional alarm with 2612.1. movement.