ČČZ - Čeljabinsk časovoj zavod - was established in 1947. At first it was specialized in special watches for military purpose (airplane, tank, truck watches) but soon the production of pocket watches started (in cooperation with 2MČZ). ČČZ in time became a pocket watch specialist and pocket watches with movement 3602 were it's main product known worldwide. 

At the beginning several brands or watch names were used, beside Molnija there were Serkisoff (watches made for Turkish Railways), Sekonda (export USSR brand), Kristall and Ural (which was the only wrist watch in ČČZ offer).

ČČZ was renamed in Molnija in 1960's. Company was arround 2010 privatized, today it's again solid company with increased number of new models. Movement 3602 was improved to 3603 (shock protection is added), and now this movement is mainly used in wrist watches, pocket watches are now hardly seen in it's collection. Molnija today also produces watches with Miyota movements and even Swiss Selitta movements with which recently new brand Hyrion was launched. 


ČČZ watches USSR period:


Molnija USSR period

Molnija - Russia

I don't have watches from that period.


New Molnija