Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin is a well known company which in the past produced alarm watches based on AS5008 movement. Even though UN gave to that movement it's own code name UN60 it is in fact a AS5008 movement.

In 2003 UN shocked when introduced new alarm watch called Sonata Cathedral. Inside the watch the new alarm automatic movement UN67 was introduced. It was by far the best and most complicated alarm movement until then. It was the first alarm movement which introduced 24h alarm setting, alarm is time zone independend (alarm rings at the right time even if the time zone is changed), alarm does not sound as standard buzzing or dinging but has a beautifull church bell gong - that is why Cathedral is part of the watch name.

Instruction manual:

Approach in this manual is slicely different than in other manuals, it does not describe the function of each crown but defines functions.

Setting time: Watch has a local (hands on the main dial) and GMT time (small dial at 6.00). By crown at 3.00 in position 1 both times are setting simultaneously. If GMT and local time are not identical then first GMT time has to be set and then with pushers on left and right side local time can be set (left pusher +1 hour, right pusher -1 hour for each push). Date follows the local time in both directions.

Setting date: Crown at 9.00 in position 1 is turned forward or backward and date is changed in both directions! As defined change of the date follows local time. By shifting local time date can also be changed.

Using the alarm: For the alarm setting two small dials at the upper part of the dial are important. On the right dial alarm is set, the left dial shows the remaining time to the next alarm. Since alarm can be set 24h in advance by the combination of those two informations alarm can be set. Alarm time can be set by crown at 3.00 in the position 2.

Alarm can be turn On/Off by the pusher in the crown at 6.00. Status of the alarm is shown on the indicator at 9.00.