Glycine Airman

Together with Gordon Cooper (see Bulova Accutron section) in Gemini V mission participated also Charles "Pete" Conrad. He worn his Glycine Airman watch. Since with the same watch he was also a part of Gemini IX misssion in september 1966. On that mission Conrad was actually for two hours and 41 minutes exposed to the open space while controling the EVA of his team mate Richard Gordon. So due to this fact Glycine Airman is siposed to be the first automatic watch being in the open space.

Glycine Airman was released in mid fifties and was a very popular watch among US military personal. First Felsa 692N movement was used, and from 1963 A.Shild 1701, later alsto 1702 and 1703. Also the backplate changed. From 1967 on the dial above the Glycine sign also the Glycine hallmark (crown) was printed. 

I tried my best to figure out which version of the Airman was actually used by Conrad. From the year of his first flight my best guess is that that was one of the earliest versions with the A.Shild movements. And that is what also I have. My watch is dated in 1965.

Due to big success of the Airman, even today Glycine continues with the Airman models. Until today a vast majority of different version were developed. I also used to have one modern version of Glycine Airman, but that was sold already.