Jewelry watches

In Russia there is also a lot of watch companies which produce watches using gold and silver for the case materials whereas watch movements are not of some particular high quality. So basically this wacthes are more a jewelery than serious watches in precious metal case. Often this watches also have some jewelerly stones added to the case or dial, etc.

What is also interesting is that beside gold, silver is often used and even though majority of this watches are lady's watches it is not difficult to find also men's watches in silver or gold case. 

Some of those brands developed from watch companies but more often jewerly companies entered into a field of jewelry watches. The most known companies or brands of jewelry watches are Continent, Gama, Nika, Platinor, Petroff, Poljot-Elita, Sokolov, QWill.

This type of watches are not in my interest sphere, but I have one Nika silver chronograph with Miyota quartz movement.