Volmax company was established in 2000 under the patronate of Poljot. It was a kind of Poljot's attempt to modernize it's collection through spin-off company.. First Volmax catallogue was issued in 2004. Even though Poljot was closed, Volmax was able to survive. It took over three flagship brands from Poljot - Aviator, Buran and Šturmanskie. Each brand grew in into a company, Volmax as a company lost it's siginificance and this name now can not be seen. But as I understand, those three companies still represent a part of joint group - ex. Volmax.

Due to their historical connection to Poljot, for me this three companies are the real succesors of the Poljot. But sadly they do not produce movements, so the important link to Poljot heritage is lost.

Each of stated three brands/companies are presented in it's own subsection.