USSR legacy

As stated in the previous section, a lot of ex. USSR watch companies haven't survived transformation to new Russia and market economy. That was an oportunity for many watch enthusiats, ex. developers, workers to open own companies and to continue with their work further on. So in this section I present all such iniciatives known to me. That does not mean that I found all of them. Sometimes it is also uncertain weather "new" company is an old restructured company or if it is truly a new company. Namely a lot of legacy based companies claimed to be the "original" old company and that makes confusion even bigger. 

So, it is possible that some of the still existing old companies are in fact new companies and should be listed here and not in the previous section. And perhaps some of the companies listed here are in fact survived ex. companies. I tred to do my best to recognise the truth behind, but one should have in mind stated disclaimer!