Dubois Depraz/Pierre DeRoche

Dubois Depraz is a Swiss watch company, which specialized in making mechanical watch movements. Company is world wide known for it's chronograph's modules attached to different ETA basic movements. However, DD produces a lot of different movements as well, one of those movements is also DD 980 alarm movement.

Dubois Depraz company is managed by two brothers, while the third brother own his own small watch company called Pierre DeRoche. Colloquiial it is said that Pierre DeRoche is unofficial DD watch company. Entire Pierre DeRoche collection consist entirely on watches with DD movements.

As said, within the group of DD movements, company also introduced inhouse DD980 movement. It is an automatic movement with two separate spring barrels, Only watch spring barrel is powered automaticaly, while alarm barrel is manual winding. Movement has several unusual solutions, entire alarm complication is operated by several pushers. Ringing is done on a two gong striking system.

Pierre DeRoche alarm watch with DD 980 movement (but declared as PDR 4015 movement) is from TNT collection and is called TNT RendezVous. So far this is the only watch which uses DD 980 movement. It is issued in limited edition of 201 watches with titanium case and 21 watches with gold case. 

Instruction manual:

Crown: Unscrewed but in position 0, winding the time; In position 1: setting the date by turning crown anti-clockwise; In position 2: setting the time.

Pusher at 4.00: Turn the alarm On/Off. Pointer at 10.00 indicates the alarm status.

Pusher at 8.00: Winding the alarm by successive presses the pusher several times. The status of the power indicates the pointer at 8.00.

Pusher at 10.00: Setting the alarm time. Each push moves alarm hand anti-clockwise.