Sekonda UK/China

In 1966 Poljot opened a branch office in the UK with the brand Sekonda. This brand became a joint export brand for all USSR watch companies. In general companies were not developing different watches for Seconda brand but they just branded their existing watch models with the Sekonda brand (and those watches in my collection are presented within the original watch producer collection).

In 1992 Sekonda was restructured to an independent watch company which has cut the connection with the russian watch industry. They transfered into the company which produced it's own designers watches with cheap quartz movements, production of the watches was transfered to Hong Kong. Sekonda is today recognised as one of the important low cost watch producers, I have one quartz chronograph from the beginning of the new millenium period. I don't follow Sekonda's recent production.

As said I have no idea how the coexistance with another Sekonda brand from Russia is tolerated. Maybe thos two companies have some common owners, I don't know...