Wittnauer is American based watch company which produced watches based on Longines and Girrad-Perregaux movements. In early fifties Wittanuer developed it's only own movement - alarm movement 10 WA.

10 WA is typical modular movement where Longines hand wind movement was used for the base of the watch movement. Wittnauer developed it's own alarm module which was attached to Longines. Of course due to the modularity again two spring barrels with two separate operations are present. But alarm module was entirely operated by bezel and that was very unpractical (see instructions). Alarm had only power for 7 seconds of ringing.

Since movement is very unpractical and it could easy breake, Wittnauer soon abandoned production of this movement and produced alarm watches with A.Schild movements instead.

Instruction manual:

Basic time functions are Longines so crown in position 0 is winding and in position 1 setting the time.

Alarm is entirely operated by turning the bezel. Turning bezel anti clockwise winds alarm and at the same time move alarm hand. When alarm is fully winded it is forbidden to turn bezel any more since this can break the movement. So if alarm hand is not in the requiered position one can only move time to the alarm, so that alarm start buzzing and that spring is released. So setting and winding alarm is quite a tricky and needs some experience.