Nepro is a kind of  an "intruder" in my collection. Namely Nepro watches are a combination of mechanical watch movement with quartz alarm module. First attempt was with the model Zanzara, lady's watch. Basic watch movement was FHF90 (Fontainemelon 90), to which alarm quartz module was attached. In 1972 in Basel Nepro introduced two men's watches - Nepro Elevox electronic alarm (FHF 69 basic movement) and Nepro Memotron Automatic alarm (ETA 2671 so also the date complication was included). Of course in both stated watches alarm quartz module was attached.

I have Memotron with ETA movement in my collection. Fully working, what is rare.

Instruction manual:

Basic instructions for watch depends on basic movement, so for my watch it is standard ETA operation through central crown.

Upper crown - position 0, alarm Off. 

Upper crown - position 1: alarm On.

Upper crown - position 2: Setting the alarm hand.