Poljot International group

Poljot International was founded by Alexander Shorokoff in 1992. He used to be a director of the Poljot branch office in Germany and after the USSR transformation and the fall of the socialism, Shorokoff transfered this branch office to an independent company with the name Poljot International. At first this company just continued with the import of the Poljot watches but soon started selling watches with it's own brand name. PI watches were based on russian movements, at first mainly Poljot movements, but latter those were replaced mainly by Slava movements. 

In comparisson with other simmilar stories Poljot International always gives the high importance to the quality of it's watches. One can see quite often that original russian movements are reassembled, improved with better materials, end contol is very high. By my opinion PI watches represent one of the highest quality watches one can get from the russian movement. It is worth to mention that watches are signed with "Made in Germany" so here the origin of the watches is not in question.

With the development of the company beside Poljot International also other brands appeared - low costs and lower qualitiy brand CCCP 1980, higher end watches Basilika and high end quality watches Alexander Shorokoff (which are deliberately in general not powered by russian movements, but exemptions exists). CCCP 1980 was in the meantime already sold to China, it is obvious that low quality is not something that this company wants to be recognised for. 

As I understand, Alexander Shorokoff is in fact not a PI brand but it is an independent company. Basilika watches are at the moment also not in production, so only PI and Alexander Shorokoff are their main products. In the latest PI watches also non russian movements are used.

I must admit all watches from this group are among my favorites and I like them very much. This can be noticed also in the numer of the watches in my collection. Due to that I decided to split the pictures of this watches into four stated brands subsections.