Cyma is an old Swiss company, established back in 1862 by Schwob brothers. This company joined with the watch company which was in 1871 established by Henri Sandoz. Cyma appeared for the first time in 1903.

For the whole period Cyma was recognized as the company specialized in a high priced watches with many complications. By 1910 Cyma had become one of the largest Swiss watch companies. Around 1920 Cyma became the first watch company to guarantee absolute interchangeability of all their components, what was revolutionary approach which reduced costs greatly. 

Cyma was one of the best in the market in recognizing the threat of quartz revolution, their first quartz movement was developed already in 1973 and until the mid eighties, their entire production was quartz entirely.

During the rich history of Cyma, also an interesting alarm movement was developed, called R. 464. Movement is very distinctive, quite complicated for the user. It has the joint spring barrel for the watch and alarm, watch is operated by the combination of crown and two pushers. What is interesting is that the alarm hand can be set in both ways, what was rare then.

Instruction manual:

Crown in position 0, button at 2.00 pushed: Winding

Crown in position 1, button at 2.00 pushed: setting time

Crown in position 0, button at 4.00 pushed: setting alarm

Alarm ON: both pushers in neutral position;

Alarm OFF: either pushers pushed