ZIM - Zavod imeni Maslenikova - was established in Samara already in the Tsar Russia in 1911 but iat the beginning it had nothing to do with the watches. It produced pipes. Company was named after Aleksandr Maslenikov, who was the first soviet president of the city council in 1923. After the WW2 ZIM started with the production of watch parts and movements, from 1950 movement 2602 - Pobeda - was made in ZIM. This movement and watches with this movement became the product which was basically synonim for ZIM factory.

In the review of the Poljot International Pobeda reissue watch I have dedicated part of that article also to the general history of the Pobeda movement and watches so if you want to get more informations about this topic, please read the article.

Almost all ZIM watches were branded Pobeda, but ZIM brand and Kamerton can also be found. But also those watches were made with 2602 movement inside.

ZIM survived the USSR collapse but it was closed at the beginning of the new century. Pobeda brand is now owned by Raketa.


Pobeda watches from USSR period


ZIM and Kamerton from USSR period

Pobeda from Russia