New projects

I have put here russian watches for which it is claimed to have close connection to the Russian space program. 

First one is watch "Mission to Mars", which was launched in 2013 by Volmax Šturmanskie company. It was said that 250 watches were produced exclusively for Roscosmos, and another 250 for the civil market. Watch has very unusual construction which might indicate, that this might be true. It has two watch cases one is by springs attached to another, within it's an empty space. Inside case is made of anti magnetic Berilium, outern case has ceramic implants. Šturmanskie used ETA 2892 movement (also unusual for Šturmanskie). 

I must admit I don't quite believe in this story and the fact that Šturmanskie issued Mission to Mars ver. 2 in 2018 just confirms my doubts. Mission to Mars 2 is obviously a very market oriented version, instead of ETA movement cheap Seiko NH35 is used, watch was issued in three different colours. I don't have that model in my collection.

The second watch in this section is Raketa Baikonur. Raketa renewed it's automatic movement 2615 in 2015 and within new collection of watches with this renewed movement also Raketa Baikonur watch was issued. Raketa developed this watch in cooperation with Sergei Krikaliev, who has been in space six times and spent there 803 days. I have written a review of this watch and you can read it in Articles and Reviews section.