You probably wonder who I am. Well, I am a family man in his mid-fifties with a loving wife and three adult children, who has been collecting watches for the last 20 years. I am affraid I don't have any watchmaker's knowledge, since my proffessional carieer is insurance. I am a strictly self-learning collector who tries to understand how things work. I am lucky that, during my collecting career, I have met many interesting collectors. Some of them have a lot of knowledge which they were keen to share with me. One of those guys is now also the only one I trust with repairing and maintaining my watches. 

I have also participated, or still do, as a member on a few watch forums, but I am rather lazy in that respect. I have noticed that too many trols are present on some of those forums, and I really don't have the time nor the wish to discuss anything with them.

Watches are not my only passion. I enjoy cycling - road and mountain, I am also an airgun shooter, competing internationally in the Field Target shooting discipline. So, if I have shared all of my watches with you, let me share those two hobbies as well, with pictures of my two road bikes and me on the shooting competition. (Yes, I am a left-hander :) )