Vladimir Aleksejevič Denissov was one of the chief engineers in Poljot, he had an important role in transformation of Valjoux 7734 to Poljot 3133 chronograph movement, he also had a leading role in developing Poljot's quartz movement. In modern Russia he decided to establish his own company with his own brand Denissov. Denissov brand represent itself as "Since 1951", but my guess is that this could be a year when Denissov joint the 1MČZ (Poljot company). I am sure that Denissov company and brand did not exist in the USSR.

Since the first Denissov watches has appeared they were always on the top of the quality of Russian watch industry. And as such they were also top priced. At the beginning Denissov watches used  russian mechanical movements, but Denissov soon moved to swiss and japan movements (but from the higher quality lines).

I used to have two watches with Poljot 3133 movement. They were both from a Coalition USA/Roosvelt collection, which was issued in 2005 and was dedicated to 60's anniversary of the end of WW2. This collection consist of four watches - USSR/Stalin, USA/Roosvelt, UK/Churchill and France/De Gaulle. Beside USA I used to have also USSR model, the remaining two were never here. This collection is still available but only as a joint collection and can only be bought all four together. 

I also have one modern Denissov watch with swiss ETA 2824 movement - model Speedster.