Trade mark Pilot is owned by Juri Levenberg, who after the fall of the Soviet Union moved to Munich (Germany) and there he started with the importting and selling russian watches all over the world through ebay platform. His Sammler catalogs of russian watches are presented in the Books section. From strictly sale business he step by step moved to designing and producing his own watches with the Pilot brand (which of course assosiate to Poljot since in russian language Poljot is written as Polet, so small difference). Where the actual production of this watches are held is unknown to me. 

I owned several of Pilot watches but by my experience the final control of Pilot watches is relativly poor so I am avoiding this brand. At the moment I have just one Pilot watch with very interesting design. It replicates MIG cocpit chronograph (see special watches section within the USSR section). Movement inside is 3133 (Maktajm version?).