Dedicated to space program

In this section I would like to present several watches that I owe and are - primarly by it's name - based on soviet space program legacy. Some watches were issued well within the golden era of the Soviet space program, but mostly they were issued long after the Soviet Union collapsed and Soviet space program was transfered to Russian.

First two waches are two "sisters", both very collectible - Orbita and Kosmos. Both watches have automatic movement Poljot 2415 (Orbita) and Poljot 2416 (Kosmos) which is 2415 with date complications. Both watches were the last watches made with 1MČZ stamp. Namely soon after they were launched 1MČZ changed it's name to Poljot (in the honour of the first flight), those two watches were in production for a very limited time (less than two years), therefore they are quite rare. 

Next interesting watch here would be the Buran chronograph, named after soviet Space Shuttle. After this watch the whole brand was developed (Volmax Buran). I have sold this watch already, but I still have Vostok Europe Energia watch. This watch is dedicated to Energia launch vechicle, which has taken Buran into space. I have the first edition of Energia watch, Vostok Europe latter issued other editions but only the first edition has the soviet/russian movement inside (others have japan movement).

Poljot Time watch is alarm watch with Poljot 2612.1 movement, and it is dedicated to Space center with launch platform in Baikanur.

Vostok Europe as a company generaly uses Soviet space program for it's inspiration, and it's collection has watches such as Almaz, Rocket, Lunohod. I also own the first edition of Lunohod watch, which was dedicated to first moon vechicle. Latter Lunkhod 2 was also released but I have just first edition.

Another watch which is dedicated to moon rover Lunohod is watch Lunohod E-8 from Uglič watch factory. In fact watch is designed and produced by the company OVD from Hong Kong, they addopted their Moon walker watch exclusively to Lunohod for Uglič.

Next watch two watches ares dedicated to successful merge of sovjet Sojuz and american Appolo space ships on 15.7.1975. Interesting fact is that on the soviet side the captain of the Sojuz vechicle was again A. Leonov, the man who made first space walk with Strela wach (see Strela pages). First watch was done by Poljot International under the brand Basilika. I would again like to point out to the beautifully reassembled, gilded and improved old soviet movement, this time it's Slava 2427 automatic movement. The second watch is made by CCCP Time company.

Last watch is watch made in coalition between The Limited edition company, Scottish Watches and Raketa watch company. It was created with a goal to create a very special watch which would celebrate fiftieth anniversary of the first step towards the exploration of the Mars.