Aviator line was developed - as the name suggested - into a pilot watches brand. At first, the most of the watches were chronographs with 3133 family movements. Aviator followed Buran and company was moved to Switzerland few years ago. So Aviator today is not Russian but is fully Swiss watch company with strictly swiss movements in it's watches. So now all Aviator watches wear "Swiss made" sign. All the rest (Logo, name,etc.) is the same as in russian period.

I have three Aviator watches, three from Russian period and one from Swiss period.

From the russian period, first is Sikorsky chronograph, dedicated to 100 years of russian aviation and to Igor Sikorsky, who has made the first model of working helicopter. The second one is quartz chronograph, edition which was made exclusevly for Lufthansa and sold only on Lufthansa flights. The third is alarm watch, already presented in Poljot alarm section.

From swiss period I have the newest quartz Mig-29 SMT chronograph with Ronda 5030.D movement.