It is interesting that neither Rolex or Tudor in their history never stepped into the production of alarm movements. Rolex even never issued any alarm watch with some movement of other producers. Tudor on the other hand had an alarm watch called Advisor. That watch used AS1475.

So it was quite a surprise when Tudor in 2011 launched watch Tudor Heritage Advisor, for which Tudor developed it's own alarm module attached to ETA 2892 watch movement. Since it is a modular type od movement it's quite obvious that two spring barrels with two separate crowns are present in this movement. Time is of course winded automaticaly (also hand winding is possible), alarm is only hand winded.

Instruction manual:

Upper crown in position 0: No function, crown turns freely.

Upper crown in position 1: Winding the alarm. Alarm power indicator is at 3.00.

Upper crown in position 2: Setting the alarm hand. Alarm hand is only set anti clockwise.

Lower crown offers standard ETA 2892 operations for winding time, time and date setting.

Button at 8.00: Alarm On/Off. Indicator at 9.00 shows the status of the alarm.