TH Poljot - Russian Time 1930

Trade house Poljot is yet another company where group of ex. Poljot employees decided to join together and establish new company based on Poljot tradition. TH Poljot has a "soviet" approach since it joins together a whole group of different brands: Charm, Pilot time, Ranger, Russian Time 1930 (Russkoe vremja 1930), Šturm, President, where Russkoe vremja 1930 seems to be the flagship. TH Poljot is very domestic orientated, but even though in their watches again cheap quartz movements are used, from mechanical pallete mainly Miyota 8215 is used. I have three of it's brands represented in my collection, two watches have Vostok 2414A hand winded movement so by the choise of the movement at least on a distance represent the soviet/russian watch making tradition. The third one is pure Poljot with Poljot alarm 2612.1 movement.