A. Schild is one of the most known alarm mechanical movement producers. It's movement AS1475 is one of the most known, used and copied. My collection is split into two subsections. The first one includes hand winded movement watches and the second one is a collection of automatic movement watches. From 1999 on, movements were produced by the company Jaquet S.A. (movements Jaquet 59). This company was bought by Citizen and renamed to La-Joux Perret. Also, the movements were renamed to LJP5800/5900.

AS 1475  is classic alarm movement with two spring barrels and two crowns. The basic model has 17 jewels, however 18j, 19j and 21j versions also exist.

Basic version without date complication is AS1475 with 18.000 A/h; version AS1930 is the same movement but with 21.000 A/h. 

Movements with additional date complications are AS1968 (18.000 A/h) and AS1931 (21.000 A/h).

Instruction manual: 

Upper crown - setting, winding and activating alarm. In position 0 - winding alarm, in position 1 - setting alarm hand (only in anti clockwise direction). Alarm rings if the crown is in position 1, it can be stopped by pushing the crown to the position 0. (First models had the opposite function - ringing in position 0); 

Lower crown - setting and winding time. Position 0 - winding time, position 1 - setting time.

AS5008 is an automatic movement with two spring barrels and two crowns. Both barrels are winded automaticaly but hand winding is also possible. Basic versions had 17j or 25j.

AS5007 has only date complication, AS5008 has day of the week and date complications, but there are several modifications, such as: GMT instead day of the week, moonphase instead of day of the week.

Both movements were developed in several phases. Firstly, AS5001 was developed as a prototype of the new movement, and was followed by AS5005/AS5006. Both had automatic watch winding, but alarm was hand winded. I don't have any examples of those models.

Instruction manual:

Upper crown - setting, winding time, date and day of the week (GMT). Position 0 - winding; Position 1 - setting date (anticlockwise) or day of the week (clockwise); Position 2 - setting time.

Lower crown - setting and winding alarm. Position 0, winding the alarm; Position 1 - setting the alarm hand (only anticlockwise). Alarm rings if crown is in position 1.

AS 1475 Family collection

Basic AS1475 with different numer of jewels

Modified AS1930 made by Revue Thommen

Movements with date AS1568 and AS1931. Croton is a quite rare example of the 1568 modification where date can be set through quick set pusher.

AS 5008 family collection

Base: original AS5007/5008

Base: Jaquet 59

Base: LJP