Čajka factory wat established in Uglič in 1935, but at the beginning factory was producing only watch jewels. First lady watches under the name "Zvezda" were produced in 1950. Factory got name "Čajka" in 1963 in the honour of the first soviet women kosmonaut Valentina Tereškova, who's flight name was Čajka (Seagull).

Company was primarily known for it's lady's watches, from 1970 the production of filigran and porcelan watches started and that type of watches became Čajak's world wide known products.

Beside Čajka trade mark Volga was used but rarely. Even though Čajka was most know by it's lady's watches also men's watches were part of it's production.

Čajka was closed for business in 2006.


Čajka Lady's watches USSR period


Čajka Men's watches USSR period


Čajka Lady's watches - Russian period