Company Maktajm was established by the group of ex. Poljot employess in 2005 after the Poljot final closing. Maktajm bought from Poljot all production of 3133 movement (the production line, stocks, and parts). Even though Maktajm produced also it's own watches, movement 3133 was Maktajm's main product which was distributed also to all other companies which were interested to produce 3133 chronograps. Maktajm developed also some additional complications to 3133 such as 31679 with moonphase, 31681 with 24h complication, 31677 with the day of the week. It is believed that production of 3133 and it's modifications stopped in 2011 but that is hard to believe due to many watch models that were issued far later and used still 3133 movement.

After 2018 I hardly find any of their watches and also their movements, so it seems that Maktajm does not exists anymore or at least does not have any production anymore.


I have two of Maktajm watches (and a lot of watches for which movement was produced by Maktajm). One is with 31679 movement and one is with 31677 movement. While all other modifications of 3133 can easily be found in the watches of other producers, I could not find 31677 version of movement in any watch of other companies so it might be that only Maktajm used this movement (but that is just my guess)...