Šturmanskie line from the beginning followed mainly the Space travel tradition and reincarnation of Poljot Šturmanskie watches. At the moment this is the only one of the Volmax origin companies that is still based in Russia. In it's watches still mainly russian movements are used, but now also japanese Seiko movements can be found in it's collection.

Since space watches were of my particular interest it is quite logical, that I have quite a lot of Šturmanskie watches which are already shown in other categories. In fact I have only one Šturmanskie watch which does not belong to other collections as well. This is Artic watch still from Volmax period.

The latest purchase is Šturmanskie Dolphin with Vostok automatic 2416 movement. This is is already "independent" Šturmanskie edition.

Followed are all Šturmanskie watches from other collections.