Lemania is well known and respectfull company which is specialized in movements. In the mid sixties Lemania developed the first fully automatic alarm movement, so the movement where time and alarm are powered automaticaly. Since technicaly movement has the joint spring barrel, it is of course logical, that both functions are powered automaticaly....

Movement has a protection that when alarm rings only one turn of the spring is released, that can be repowered in cca. one hour of the regular use of the watch. But the movement allows also hand winding. If there is not enough power, alarm does not ring but just short click can be heard.

Two versions of Lemania movement exisit. Lemania 2980 is a generic movement, which was available for all watch producers. Improved movement is Omega SL980. This movement was done exclusively for Omega. This movement is done with better materials, it also has additional disk for setting the alarm.

Lemania 2980

Instruction manual:

The main "controler' for the operations is upper button at 2.00.

Button in position 0: Alarm is Off; crown in position 0 winding and in position 1, setting the time;

Button in position 1: Alarm is On; crown in position 0 has no function (does not wind!), in position 1, time setting is still available.

Button in position 2: Alarm is Off, crown in position 0, setting the alarm (both directions are available). Crown in position 1 is NOT allowed. 

Omega SL 980

Instruction manual:

Identical to Lemania 2980. From operation point of view the only difference is that Omega has two discs - hour and minute alarm disc so setting the alarm in more precise.