Glashutte original

Glashutte Original developed their first and so far the only alarm movement in 2010, based on their movement used in Senator Big date watch. The movement code is 100-13 and is installed in the Senator Terminkalender (also Senator Diary) watch.

The movement has a very unique complication. It is an only alarm movement where the alarm can be set up to 31 days in advance. In almost all other movements the alarm can be set to only 12 hours in advance, few have 24 hours.

The movement has two barrels, time is winded automaticaly, whereas alarm can only be hand winded. 

Instruction manual:

Pusher at 10.00: setting the operating function d (date), h (hour), alarm on and alarm off

Crown at 10.00: Depending on indicator date (d) or time of the alarm (h) can be set. Alarm can be set only in 15 min intervals. If bell is indicated (on or off), crown is used for winding the alarm. Alarm will ring at the stated date and hour if indicator shows bell on.

Crown at 4.00: Setting time in position 1. In position 0, hand winding of time is possible.

Pusher at 2.00: Setting the date.

Hidden pusher at 9.00: By pressing the pusher with a pin, the second hand stops.