Poljot 3133

In the first few years after the collapse of the Soviet union, Russia continued with the space program and kosmonauts used the same models of Poljot 3133 chronographs as in Soviet Union. That is why here no new watches are shown.

However, two other interesting chronograps are listed here. After 1992 Russia wanted to show to the rest of the world how "open" is the new Russia, and serious of international space flights to ex. Soviet space stations were organised. I have here two Poljot 3133 chronographs which were dedicated to those international flights. One was done with a German astronaut and one with French astronaut.

It is interesting, that Russia-Germany model is stamped "USSR" at the bottom of the dial, so watch was made still in USSR period, but flags and "Russia-Germania" were obviously stamped at the eary Russia state phase. French model is already "fully" Russian.

Since quality of the Poljot watches were droping and there was no new development (Russia was in heavy economic and political crisis) step by step soviet space program abandoned Poljot watches in their use, Poljot was replaced by Fortis.