Ugličskij časovoj zavod (UČZ)

As the name of the company suggest this company was established in Uglič in 1992. Uglič town is known for Čajka company so the first idea one gets is that UČZ is Čajka's successor. But Čajka was closed only in 2004 so those two companies obviously coexisted for more than 10 years. So even though UČZ in it's web pages proudly write about Uglič watch history it is more or less obvious that UČZ has nothing to do with Čajka. When Čajka collapsed, UČZ didn't take over any of Čajka brands. Instead UČZ registred it's own brands. First one was registred in 2003 - Mikhail Moskvin, and until today it was followed by Royal Crown, Flora, Lincor and Gepard. Majority of it's watches are with quartz movements, mechanical movements are wither Miyota or chinese ones. In rare watches also Vostok movements can be found.

In 2019 UČZ issued a limited edition watch (100 watches) called Lunohod, which does not belong to any of stated brand. Lunohod is in fact watch made by the Hong Kong based company OVD which modified it's watch Moon Walker for UČZ to Lunohod. I owe Lunohod and this watch is also part of a Space collection. 

I also have one Mikhail Moskvin watch with Vostok movement.