Vostok Europe

In 2003 companies Koliz from Vilnius (Lituania) and Vostok announced a joint company Koliz Vostok, which started with the production of the watches under the brand Vostok Europe. Brand was recognised by it's modern design, it's watches used Vostok movements. Vostok even upgraded some of it's movements for Vostok Europe brand. So for Vostok this was an interesting way how to modernize a collection of it's watches and it also give Vostok a platform to sell watches (or better say movements) as an european (and soon even EU) company.  

VE was and still is very agile in promoting it's watches all over the world and for sure it is among the winners of the new brands. VE watches are today known all over the world. It is interesting that Vostok movements are almost gone in VE watches, today the main movement supplier for VE is Seiko.

Majority of VE watches were and still are dedicated to important soviet technical achievements, space program was one of that. So it's not strange that I used to own quite a lot of VE watches in the past, at the moment I owe two, both are from Space collection (Lunokhod and Energia).

For the end I must say that I have extremly positive experience with VE aftersale and service support! Recomended.