Vernij Hod (Right move)

The watch company Verny Hod was founded in 2000. An important step at the initial stage of the company's formation was the acquisition of the Derzhava trademark, which appeared in 1993. Since 2002 the production of watches under the Specnaz trademark began. In 2007, another brand, Petroff, was added to the portfolio of brands. Since 2005 TH Slava is exlusive distributor of all their watches and all stated brands are sold only under the TH Slava umbrella.

Verny Hod in the cooperation with cosmonaut Vladimir Janibekov in 2004 developed very interesting space watch "Kosmonavigator" with 24h movement Vostok 2423, where very specific 24-h dial (or better say bezel) helps cosmonaut to calculate, where above the Earth the space vechile is. Watch was issued in only 350 pieces and it was actually used by the cosmonauts in many space missions. Recently a reiisue with a quartz movement "Kosmonavigator II" was issued.

Specnaz brand is focused on watches for military purposes, vast majority of those watches use different quartz movements, some use also Miyota automatic movements, but even though watches are under Slava umbrella, none of Vernij Hod in the present collection watches use Slava movements nor any other russian movement.

I have two of their watches, which are presented also in the space section.