Dedicated to moon flights

This section could be filled with different watches from all over the world. But I have at the moment just three watches of which one could also be shown in the Omega moonwatch section.

Omega Speedmaster "Dark side of the moon" is - as it's name indicate the watch which honours the Moon flight. It is very different compared to Speedmaster Moonwatch watches. The case, dial and bezel are all made from black zirconium oxide ceramics, the tachymeter is composed of chromium nitride, and the watch's hands are made from white gold. movement is the latest coaxial automatic movement 9300.

The second watch in this category is made by small Germany company Kronsegler. Watch Apollo 11 is a watch dedicted - of course to the first Moon flight and was issued on the 50th anniversary of the flight. It's and automatic watch with the movement based on Miyota (Citizen).

The third one is a watch from microbrand Phoibos, dedicated to Apollo space program.